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Career Guidance Specialist:
Han Kim | 714-626-3845 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Phone: (714) 626-3800


American Sign Language I

Learn the art of silent speaking with American Sign Language (ASL).  You will be introduced to the manual alphabet, numbers, words, and short phrases.  

American Sign Language II

Learn basic signing skills to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing.

American Sign Language III

Do you enjoy stories or storytelling?  Why not tell them in sign language?  Learn how to further develop your sign language skills and features.

Art of Video Production

Prepare to become an electronic storyteller.

Auto Body Repair Technician

Auto Body Repair Technician trains students to repair and refinish automotive vehicle bodies and replace or repair broken windshields and window glass in motor vehicles. 

Business, Finance, and Careers

Introduction to the fundamentals of personal and business finance and includes in-depth career planning.

Floral Design

Let your road to success start to bloom here!

Introduction to Floral Design

Want to live the FFA life?

ROP Advanced Auto Body Repair

Advanced Auto Body Repair trains students to repair and refinish automotive vehicle bodies.

ROP Auto Body Repair

Become proficient in multiple areas of auto body repair, including damage assessment and installment procedures.

Video Production I

Right-brain creativity is left-brain tech savvy.