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North Orange County ROP students were honored at the 44th Annual Celebration of Success Award Ceremony on April 24, 2017. Instructors nominated students who demonstrated outstanding achievement in their ROP classes. These students completed an online application and a select number of finalists were interviewed by industry partners, award sponsors, and support staff at the Education Center. Out of the 16,000 students that NOCROP serves, 228 exceptional students were chosen to be honored at the ceremony.

Students were given a total of $33,100 and each received certificates from California State Assemblymembers and Senators. Thank you to our generous donors, ROP instructors, business partners, and volunteers who make this event possible every year!

 National Automotive Technology Competition

NationalAutomoticTechnology 1From left to right: Instructor Enrique Aispuro with students Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens

NationalAutomoticTechnology 2

Automotive Technology students at La Habra High School received Third Place in the 2017 National Automotive Technology Competition on April 17 - 19, 2017. Seniors Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens traveled to New York City with instructor Enrique Aispuro to compete against 29 schools from across the country. Their prizes included power-tools, automotive accessories, scholarships to various schools, merchandise from car dealerships, and more.

During the competition, Ryan and Micah were tested on their knowledge of tools, measuring instruments, specific vehicle components, and job interview skills. They were then given three hours to diagnose and repair a number of preassigned problems under a car's hood without any help.

 Cooking Up ChangeĀ® - Kid Healthy Competition

CookingUpChange 1 From left to right: Seniors Carlos Marquez, Isabella Moreno, Yazmin Marquez and Culinary Arts instructor Chef Mario Schwarz-Cole

CookingUpChange 2

CookingUpChange 3

Culinary Arts students at La Habra High School received First Place in the 6th Annual Greater Orange County Cooking Up Change event on April 20, 2017. For the competition, each student team is challenged to create a new lunch menu following a strict set of criteria including: utilizing ingredients commonly found in a school cafeteria, a budget of $1.25 per serving, all while making it creative, great tasting, and nutritious. Their Mexican/Indian Infusion inspired menu was a Chicken Kashmir wrap with Pepino Curry and a Tropical Keer dessert.

Yasmin Marquez, Carlos Marquez, and Isabella Moreno will travel to Washington, DC with instructor Mario Schwarz-Cole to compete in the Cooking Up Change National Finals at the Department of Education on June 12th.

Career Technical Education Medallion

NationalAutomoticTechnology 1From left to right: El Dorado High School Principal Joey Davis; students Brittany Hethcoat, Brianna Ceja, and Garrett Gonzales; instructor David Block

Students in Art in Animation, Visual Communications, and Computer Graphics, Design & Illustration classes at El Dorado High School participated in the CTE Medallion Design contest. The medallions are presented to CTE students that complete career pathways within an industry sector.

The winning design was made by Garrett Gonzalez, who will also receive the medallion to add to his portfolio.


West Coast Dance Championships

WestCoastDanceChamp 1From left to right: El Dorado High School Principal Joey Davis; students Brittany Hethcoat, Brianna Ceja, and Garrett Gonzales; instructor David Block

The Commercial Dance team at Western High School, led by instructor Maile Leonard, competed in the West Coast Dance Championships at Six Flags Magic Mountain on April 9, 2017. The team took First Place in all five of their routines- jazz, two lyrical pieces, a Broadway routine, and hip-hop. They also won 1st Place overall in their division and the Most Spirited team award.

 Shine A Spotlight

 Spotlight 1From left to right: Administrator Kathi Kent with instructors Deana Bradt, Chris Gardner, and Sean Manning

Shine A Spotlight recipients are honored monthly at our Board meetings. This segment of the meeting highlights NOCROP instructors and staff members.