OCADA Automotive Technology Competition

OCADAAutoTechnologyCompetitionKneeling: Ken Mitsumasu (Renick Subaru), Enrique Aispuro, Ryan Finley and Micah Stephens Back row: Board of Trustee, Karin Freeman, Kathi Kent, John A. Sackrison (Executive Director of OCADA), Terri Giamarino, Julie Dentler, Gail Kairis

Kneeling: Ken Mitsumasu (Renick Subaru), Enrique Aispuro, Ryan Finley and Micah Stephens
Back row: Board of Trustee, Karin Freeman, Kathi Kent, John A. Sackrison (Executive Director of OCADA), Terri Giamarino, Julie Dentler, Gail Kairis

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, NOCROP Automotive Technology students from La Habra High School won first place at the 24th Annual Automotive Technology Competition, sponsored by the Orange County Automobile Dealers Association (OCADA). The competition was hosted at Kia Motors America/Irvine. Seniors Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens, led by instructor Enrique Aispuro, will head to New York City in April to represent Orange County in the National Automotive Technology Competition. A special thank you to Renick Subaru for sponsoring and training the students for the competition.

 Servathon - "Build A Hand" Project

Servatha BuildAHandProject

 The ROP Engineering students from Anaheim High School participated in AUHSD's Annual Servathon, an event dedicated to community service. Learn more by watching the ABC7 video clip above.

Exposed: An Art Contest for Teens

NOCROP Computer Graphics, Design, & Illustration students from El Camino Real High School (under the direction of their instructor, Reid Petersen) participated in “Exposed: An Art and Literature Contest for Teens.” Students submitted their artwork to be displayed at the Exposed Gala and Awards Presentation at the Yorba Linda Public Library. The theme of the competition was “hidden treasures.” View the winning artwork below.

ArtContest 01 MaxDeLaRosaMax de la Rosa, 1st Place

ArtContest 02 FernandoVillaFernando Villa, 2nd Place

ArtContent HonorableMention RakebYohannesRakeb Yohannes, Honorable Mention

ArtContest 03 EricVanWertEric Van Wert, 3rd Place Tie

ArtContest 03 NatalyGonzalezNataly Gonzalez, 3rd Place Tie

ArtContent HonorableMention GabeOrtegaGabe Ortega, Honorable Mention

ArtContest StaffPick LizetteSilvaLizette Silva, Staff Pick

ArtContest HonorableMention VanessaColmenaresVanessa Colmenarez, Honorable Mention

 Science of Gingerbread Competition

Science Gingerbread 01

Science Gingerbread 02

Science Gingerbread 03

La Habra High School ROP Culinary Arts students (under the direction of their instructor, Mario Schwarz-Cole), competed at the Science of Gingerbread Competition on November 22, 2016, at the Discovery Cube of Orange County. The students received the President’s Award (First Place), for a fourth year in a row. Seniors included Jessica Rodriguez, Carlos Marquez, Deanna Gonzalez, Jacob Sanches, Yasmin Marquez, and Isabella Moreno, in addition to Junior Krystal Sanders. Their depiction of the New York City skyline was impressive!

Shine A Spotlight/Employees of the Year

ShineASpotlight EmployeesOfTheYear

Congratulations to our 2016 Employees of the Year:

(Pictured from left to right with Board President, Marilyn Buchi, and Superintendent, Terri Giamarino): Cyndy Norris, Jun Cuenca, Terry Cupp, Janeth Arias, Mario Schwarz-Cole, Amy Jensen, Ron Ponce, and Lisa Clark

Learn more about them here.

 A Message From Our Superintendent


MessageFromSuperintendentHappy New Year and welcome to the first edition of Slice of Success.

I would like to begin my first Superintendent’s Message in Slice of Success with a heartfelt thank you to our Board, our staff, and to our exemplary instructors and students who make ROP the place it is.

For over 45 years, North Orange County ROP has provided high-quality, relevant career technical education, preparing students for success in employment, career advancement, and further education. Our students participate in over 400 class sections, held across 25 campuses and over 500 community sites.
We are proud of our tradition of delivering high-quality education to our students and endeavor to continue that tradition. This school year, we are placing a particular emphasis on student engagement. I’d like to take a moment to briefly share what student engagement means to us.

Student engagement is students actively participating in classrooms that emulate the workplace, and inclusive learning environments that are project-based, innovative, and encourage critical thinking and collaboration. High caliber CTE instructors share industry-based knowledge and experience which prepares students for future careers and post-secondary education.

Students connect to career pathways in 12 industry sectors and have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications and/or State licensures in identified courses. They develop leadership skills and efficacy through participation in Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) where they become civic-minded and career-ready individuals. This, not observational learning – it is engaged learning. It is a hands-on approach to creating a successful future in a challenging and changing workforce.

Student engagement also includes preparation for post-secondary education, empowering students with a diversified skillset that is applicable to collegiate learning. We provide 28 courses that articulate with 11 post-secondary institutions and 25 University of California “a-g” approved courses. Our courses stimulate analytical thought, and require rigorous academic standards, preparing students for success in higher education.

We believe this emphasis on student engagement is the embodiment of North Orange County ROP’s mission. It is the goal and practice to which we are continually committed. We will continue to serve our students with this philosophy in mind. I am excited to share the accomplishments of Slice of Success,
which highlights our amazing staff and students.

I hope you enjoy reading Slice of Success each month.

Thank you,

Terri Giamarino