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Date:              April 29, 2020


North Orange County ROP Announces Partnership with University Lab Partners

ORANGE COUNTY, CA: North Orange County Regional Occupational Program is partnering with local non-profit University Lab Partners to bring biotechnology educational opportunities to Orange County. The biotechnology field is rapidly growing and The Beall Family Foundation, in collaboration with UCI Beall Applied Innovation, opened University Lab Partners, the first non-profit wet lab incubator in Orange County’s tech hub, Irvine, CA. The open innovation platform of the University Lab Partners facility enables lifescience and medtech entrepreneurs to access unique research capabilities and a network of technical, business, and talent resources at an economical cost.

“Incubators are economic drivers by creating jobs so we not only have to create high paying jobs, but develop qualified candidates to fill them. We want the workforce in Orange County to be able to live and work in Orange County,” said Karin Koch, Ecosystem Director at University Lab Partners. "Bringing more students in the field of biotechnology and medical technology, which provides sustainable living wage jobs, is an important part of our mission.”

University Lab Partners provided North Orange County ROP’s Biotechnology Pathway students at Oxford Academy the opportunity to be the first group of high school students to tour and use the equipment at the facility, spending a day learning how biotech companies are conceived, piloted, protected, and pitched. The grand opening of the facility was celebrated on February 27 where Superintendent Dr. Giamarino spoke to attendees about the value of educational partnerships with industry.

"By connecting our most precious commodity, our students, to businesses who will invest in them, this partnership benefits us all,” said Dr. Giamarino. “We want our students to remain in Orange County and be a part of our growth and sustainability.”

About North Orange County ROP

North Orange County Regional Occupational Program has been preparing students for college and careers since 1971. In collaboration with five school districts, local colleges and universities, as well as community business and workforce development, ROP provides accredited and articulated career technical education (CTE) courses which lead to post-secondary education and employment. ROP engages students with rigorous and relevant instruction via industry-experienced instructors and work-based learning at nearly 500 businesses throughout Orange County. ROP career pathway programs serve over 13,000 students annually at 30 different school sites. North Orange County ROP is an equal opportunity educator/employer. For more information, visit

About University Lab Partners

University Lab Partners is a premier, non-profit, wet lab / medtech incubator located in UCI Research Park. ULP is a professionally-managed and equipped wet lab facility along with the benefits of peer-to-peer interactions among a biomedical focused entrepreneurial community. ULP offers exceptional value to entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their business in the biomedical industry with no IP or equity claims. ULP empowers the next generation of biotech innovators through real-world training opportunities that enhance and align current training approaches to skill sets valued by industry. ULP is a project of The Beall Family Foundation. For more information, please visit