The new school year is starting up again, but did you know North Orange County ROP classes are available all year? Take a look at the summer courses that North Orange County ROP offers to high school students!

Body Systems & Disorders




This concentrator course falls within the Patient Care pathway. On this day, the students were participating in skills tests. They demonstrated how to conduct proper eye and hearing examinations. In this class, students also learn how to follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) rules and the ethical responsibilities of health workers. 

Medical Careers



One of the most popular North Orange County ROP classes is Medical Careers. Students can take this class to learn the basics of medical-related professions and choose which pathway course to take next. On this day, students practiced administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which is commonly referred to as "CPR."  The mannequins allowed students to demonstrate techniques they would use in the event that someone was choking vs. a possible heart attack, and when to use an AED machine. 

Digital Design & Illustration



In this class, students learn how to use various Adobe programs. This skillset can lead to careers in graphic design, marketing, animation, and business. As an introductory class, Digital Design & Illustration explores the foundation of art and design. Students learn how to turn a simple sketch with pencil and paper into book covers, brochures, infographics, and much more. 

These classes are also available during the regular school year at our five partner districts: Anaheim Union High School District, Brea Olinda Unified School District, Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Los Alamitos Unified School District, and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. Student and parents, please contact your school's Career Guidance Counselor for more information on how to register for a North Orange County ROP class.

If you are an adult interested in taking ROP courses, view the classes we have to offer here

Board of Trutees

Marilyn Buchi, President
Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Anna Piercy, Vice President/Clerk
Anaheim Union High School District

Meg Cutuli, Member
Los Alamitos Unified School District

Karin Freeman, Member
Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District

Bill R. Hall, Member
Brea Olinda Unified School District

Robert Hathaway, Member
Fullerton Joint Union High School District

Annemarie Randle-Trejo, Member
Anaheim Union High School District

Student Handbook Contest

StudentHandbookContest 1

StudentHandbookContest 2

StudentHandbookContest 3

Over 200 ROP students from 23 high schools entered our annual Student Handbook Cover Design contest. Hailey Souza, a Visual Communications student at Esperanza High School, created the winning design that will be featured on the cover of the 2017-2018 Student Handbook. She also received a check for $250. Honorable mentions went to Mason Rusnak of Esperanza High School and Joy Hseih of Brea Olinda High School. They each received $50 and will be featured within the 2017-2018 Student Handbook.

Orange County Register Artist of the Week

ArtistOfTheWeek 1

ArtistOfTheWeek 2

Visual Communications student Garrett Gonzales of El Dorado High School was chosen as the Orange County Register's Artist of the Week on June 8. Garrett designed a Career Technical Education medallion that will be given to Placentia-Yorba Linda School District students who have completed a pathway of classes within a CTE industry sector by graduation.

Community of the 21st Century Logo Design Contest

LogoDesign 1

LogoDesign 2

Visual Communications students at El Dorado High School participated in the Placentia Library Community of the 21st Century Logo Design Contest. Mateo Pantoja created the winning logo, which will be featured on posters displayed at schools and businesses.

The Community of the 21st Century (C21) program will be introduced to Placentia Elementary Schools beginning 2017-2018 school year. It was developed to reinforce students with good character values that they can use in their daily lives. Businesses and organizations that participate in this program will display posters highlighting these traits as a way to promote the C21 program and encourage good character values.

National Cooking Up Change Competition

NationalCookingChange 1

NationalCookingChange 2

NationalCookingChange 3

Culinary Arts students Carlos Marquez, Yasmin Marquez, and Isabella Moreno traveled to our nation's capital and beat out six other teams to take first place in the national Cooking Up Change competition on June 12. The recent La Habra High School graduates qualified for the trip to Washington, D.C. after winning the regional competition in May. Their winning dish was chicken kashmir with a side of pepino curry and a tropical kheer dessert.

HOSA: Future Health Professionals International Leadership Conference 2017

FutureHealthPros 1


HOSA: Future Health Professionals students at Oxford Academy traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the 2017 International Leadership Conference on June 20 - 23. Students attended workshops, met with industry professionals, and participated in competitions. The students received these recognitions:

  • Gold - Creative Problem Solving (Debayan Bandyopadhyay, Seokmin Oh, Kailas Pillai, and Jeffrey Khong)
  • Silver - Medical Math (Jason Nguyen)
  • Bronze - Medical Innovation - Original (Shawn Patel, Arya Joshi, Kanu Grover)
  • Finalist - Biomedical Debate (Richard Tram, Tony Ong, Anthony Hoang, and Samir Patel)


Shine A Spotlight

Spotlight 1From left to right: Linda Skipper with Eric Reynolds, Casey Riggs; Kathi Kent with Tanya Winterton

Shine A Spotlight recipients are honored monthly at our Board meetings. This segment of the meeting highlights NOCROP instructors and staff members.




Celebration Of Success

Celebration 1

Celebration 2

Celebration 3

Celebration 4

North Orange County ROP students were honored at the 44th Annual Celebration of Success Award Ceremony on April 24, 2017. Instructors nominated students who demonstrated outstanding achievement in their ROP classes. These students completed an online application and a select number of finalists were interviewed by industry partners, award sponsors, and support staff at the Education Center. Out of the 16,000 students that NOCROP serves, 228 exceptional students were chosen to be honored at the ceremony.

Students were given a total of $33,100 and each received certificates from California State Assemblymembers and Senators. Thank you to our generous donors, ROP instructors, business partners, and volunteers who make this event possible every year!

 National Automotive Technology Competition

NationalAutomoticTechnology 1From left to right: Instructor Enrique Aispuro with students Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens

NationalAutomoticTechnology 2

Automotive Technology students at La Habra High School received Third Place in the 2017 National Automotive Technology Competition on April 17 - 19, 2017. Seniors Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens traveled to New York City with instructor Enrique Aispuro to compete against 29 schools from across the country. Their prizes included power-tools, automotive accessories, scholarships to various schools, merchandise from car dealerships, and more.

During the competition, Ryan and Micah were tested on their knowledge of tools, measuring instruments, specific vehicle components, and job interview skills. They were then given three hours to diagnose and repair a number of preassigned problems under a car's hood without any help.

 Cooking Up Change® - Kid Healthy Competition

CookingUpChange 1 From left to right: Seniors Carlos Marquez, Isabella Moreno, Yazmin Marquez and Culinary Arts instructor Chef Mario Schwarz-Cole

CookingUpChange 2

CookingUpChange 3

Culinary Arts students at La Habra High School received First Place in the 6th Annual Greater Orange County Cooking Up Change event on April 20, 2017. For the competition, each student team is challenged to create a new lunch menu following a strict set of criteria including: utilizing ingredients commonly found in a school cafeteria, a budget of $1.25 per serving, all while making it creative, great tasting, and nutritious. Their Mexican/Indian Infusion inspired menu was a Chicken Kashmir wrap with Pepino Curry and a Tropical Keer dessert.

Yasmin Marquez, Carlos Marquez, and Isabella Moreno will travel to Washington, DC with instructor Mario Schwarz-Cole to compete in the Cooking Up Change National Finals at the Department of Education on June 12th.

Career Technical Education Medallion

NationalAutomoticTechnology 1From left to right: El Dorado High School Principal Joey Davis; students Brittany Hethcoat, Brianna Ceja, and Garrett Gonzales; instructor David Block

Students in Art in Animation, Visual Communications, and Computer Graphics, Design & Illustration classes at El Dorado High School participated in the CTE Medallion Design contest. The medallions are presented to CTE students that complete career pathways within an industry sector.

The winning design was made by Garrett Gonzalez, who will also receive the medallion to add to his portfolio.


West Coast Dance Championships

WestCoastDanceChamp 1From left to right: El Dorado High School Principal Joey Davis; students Brittany Hethcoat, Brianna Ceja, and Garrett Gonzales; instructor David Block

The Commercial Dance team at Western High School, led by instructor Maile Leonard, competed in the West Coast Dance Championships at Six Flags Magic Mountain on April 9, 2017. The team took First Place in all five of their routines- jazz, two lyrical pieces, a Broadway routine, and hip-hop. They also won 1st Place overall in their division and the Most Spirited team award.

 Shine A Spotlight

 Spotlight 1From left to right: Administrator Kathi Kent with instructors Deana Bradt, Chris Gardner, and Sean Manning

Shine A Spotlight recipients are honored monthly at our Board meetings. This segment of the meeting highlights NOCROP instructors and staff members.



Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge

HotRodders 1

HotRodders 2From top to bottom: Instructor Joe Rolfe with Katella High School team, Instructor Anthony Boccigone with Loara High School team

Automotive Technology students at Katella High School and Loara High School competed in the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge on May 3, 2017. Each participating team had to fully disassemble a car engine, pass the judges inspection, and reassemble the engine while being timed. Katella High School came in first place with the fastest time of 21:43 and Loara High School took second place. They will go on to compete in the Dual National Championship located in Las Vegas, NV in the fall.

Engineering Design and Development Trade Show

EngineeringDesign 1

EngineeringDesign 2

EngineeringDesign 3

EngineeringDesign 4

Pictured: Instructor Dan Zanone (top left) and students with their projects

Sunny Hills High School held their annual Engineering and Design Trade show on May 4, 2017. The students were assigned to create a prototype of a device that would be able to improve a person's quality of life. After working diligently all year, senior engineering students presented their final projects to parents, teachers, staff, and industry officials. Projects ranged from cooling pillows, smartphone apps, luggage with a built-in cell phone charger, a bluetooth school locker opener, and many more.

CTE Program Design Contest

CTEProgramDesign 1

Digital Design and Illustration student Kayleigh Wyckhouse was awarded 2nd Place in the CTE Program Design contest. A record amount of 698 students from all over California submitted entries for the contest.

Kayleigh is a senior at Brea Olinda High School, where instructor Franco Ciccarello teaches Visual Communications as well. She will be honored at the CTE State Conference in November and her artwork will be on display.

Cypress College Student Film Festival

Cypress College held their annual student film festival on May 19th. Under the instruction of Diana Pastrana, Art of Video Production students at Fullerton Union High School filmed and edited a winning documentary. Digital Photography students at Magnolia High School, under the instruction of Rick Rickman, won Best Socially Aware and Best Biography. Watch the short films below.

CypressCollege OpalOpal Jenkins - Best Documentary

CypressCollege Muslim The Muslim Dilemma - Best Socially Aware

CypressCollege ResistanceThe Resistance - Best Biography

ocMaker Challenge

OCMaker 1

OCMaker 2

From left to right: Urja Patel, Gargi Patel with their projects

Engineering students at Sunny Hills High School participated in the ocMaker Challenge on May 13, 2017. Participants were asked to identify a unique problem, document solutions and create a 3D prototype. Urja Patel won Most Innovative and Gargi Patel won second place in the Level 2 Awards. The students were judged on their design brief, their use of graphic media, their documentation of STEM research, and the prototypes of their creation.

Yorba Linda High School Luncheon

Yorba 1

From top to bottom: Instructor Jenni Messick with students

Culinary Arts students at Yorba Linda High School held a Breakfast At Tiffany's themed fundraiser on May 22. Under the supervision of instructor Jenni Messick, students prepared breakfast for YLHS staff. The staff was able to pre-order either a bagel and egg sandwich or biscuits and gravy with fruit, muffins, coffee, juice, and water. Each breakfast bag cost $5 and the money went towards to Yorba Linda High School Culinary Arts Club.

Shine A Spotlight

Spotlight 1

Spotlight 2
Pictured: Instructors Leslie Caldera (top) and Gigi Nguyen (bottom) with students

Shine A Spotlight recipients are honored monthly at our Board meetings. This segment of the meeting highlights NOCROP instructors and staff members. For this month, retirees were honored. Thank you Leslie and Gigi for your contribution to students' lives over the years!

HOSA: Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference






Over 200 ROP students ascended on Sacramento to attend the HOSA: Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference on March 16 - 19. This year's theme was Leadership, Service, and Engagement. Students participated in competitions, received scholarships, and listened to keynote speaker Dr. Peter Salk, the son of the developer of the first polio vaccine.

At the conference, two Oxford Academy students were elected as 2017-2018 Cal-HOSA State Officers: Amanda Gao as Executive Secretary/Treasurer and Arya Joshi as Region IV Vice President. Congratulations!

Brea Olinda High School Dog House Competition






The Building Industry Technology Academy (BITA) I students at Brea Olinda High School competed in the annual Dog House Competition on March 16. Students spent five weeks working in groups to design, build, and paint the dog houses. BOHS students and staff voted between seven dog houses to win four categories. The winners were:

  • Most Realistic, #3: Basic Doghouse
  • Most Creative, #1: Slice of Cake Doghouse
  • Best Craftsmanship, #4: Illuminati Doghouse
  • Best Overall, #2: Castle Doghouse

All of them were very impressive! Congratulations to the winners!

CAROCP State Legislative Day

StateLegistativeDay 1

Superintendent Terri Giamarino and Assistant Superintendent Dana Lynch visited Sacramento for the California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (CAROCP) State Legislative Day!

Shine A Spotlight

SpotlightFrom left to right: Julie Dentler and Seana Brief; Kathi Kent and Sean Dooley; Dana Lynch with Anita Gaston

Shine A Spotlight recipients are honored monthly at our Board meetings. This segment of the meeting highlights NOCROP instructors and staff members.

Save the Date

NationalAutomotiveTechPhoto 1From left to right: John Sackrison, executive director, Orange County Automobile Dealers Association; David Wobst, KIA Motors America; Enrique Aispuro, instructor at La Habra High School; Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens, Automotive Technology students after winning the qualifying competition at the Kia Motors Headquarters in January

April 18 – 19, 2017 - Good luck to Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens, who are competing in the National Automotive Technology Competition at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City!


A Message From Our Superintendent



 As the school year begins to wrap up, we have a lot to celebrate.

The ROP HOSA Chapters who attended the State Leadership Conference in Sacramento brought home over 56 medals and will head off to compete in the International Leadership Conference in June.

We are so proud of our Automotive Technology students from La Habra High School, Ryan Finlay and Micah Stephens, who will compete in the National Automotive Competition in NYC this month. We wish them all the best!

Please join us on Monday, April 24, for our Celebration of Success Award Ceremony at the City National Grove of Anaheim. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and will honor 238 students. The Career Education Foundation will award students over $32,000.00. If you wish to contribute to the foundation, please visit our website,, for details.

Thank you,