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Annual Notices

AB 528 Continuation Coverage Rights
Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice
Employee Notice California Health Insurance Marketplace
ERISA RD Summary (with COVID Language)
Healthy Workplace/Healthy Families Act Notification
HIPAA Notice - 2021
Special Enrollment Rights
Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998

Board Policies

Professional Standards (BP 4119.21/ E 4119.21 and BP 4219.21/ E 4219.21)
Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting ( BP 5141.4 and AR 5141.4 )
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace (BP 4020 and AR 4020 )
Tobacco-Free Schools (BP 3513.3 and AR 3513.3 )
Nondiscrimination in Employment (BP 4030 )
Nondiscrimination/Harassment (BP 5145.3 and AR 5145.3)
Sexual Harassment (BP 4119.11, AR 4119.11/ BP 4219.11, AR 4219.11 / BP 4319.11, AR 4319.11)
Employee Use of Technology (BP 4040 and AR 4040 )
Acceptable Use of Technology Acknowledgement E 4040
Uniform Complaint Procedures (BP 1312.3 and AR 1312.3 )
Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures (AR 1312.4 and Exhibit 1312.4 )
Safety and Health Protection on the Job (Cal/OSHA )
Universal Precautions (BP 4119.43, AR 4119.43 /BP 4219.43, AR 4219.43 / BP 4319.43, AR 4319.43)
Employees with Infectious Disease (BP 4119.41 /4219.41 /4319.41)
Standard Precautions for Prevention of Infectious Diseases - Health Service Memorandum
Family Medical Leave Act/California Family Rights Act FMLA/CFRA


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Employee Benefits

Insurance and Open Enrollment Employee Notification (Placeholder)
Benefit Enrollment Link (Placeholder)
Benefits Enrollment Instructions (Placeholder)
Delta Dental (Placeholder)
Medical Plans (Placeholder)
Employee Assistance Plan (Placeholder)
Life Insurance (Placeholder)
Retirement Plans
Section 125 Provider
Tax-Deferred 403(b)/457(b) Investment Options
Vision Care Plan
Wellness Program
Workplace Injuries
Workers Compensation

Employee Handbook

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Employee Wellness

Frontline/Aesop Quick Start Guides

Frontline/Aesop Quick Start Guides

HR Directory/Responsibilities

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Job Descriptions

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Salary Schedules


California Educators Together
Substitute Expectations
Substitute Lesson Plans