New Location for Adult Registration

Effective September 21, 2015 all adult fee based class registration will take place at the East Ball Road Campus located at 1617 East Ball Road, Anaheim 92805. For more information, please call (714) 502-5950.


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General Information

Fee-based classes are only for adults.  High school students may not take fee-based classes. The course fee is based on the cost of running the class.  A fee-based class must meet the minimum paid enrollment by the course fee payment deadline or the class will be cancelled.  If a class is cancelled, a full refund will be issued or the student may apply his/her course payment to enroll into the next available class of the same subject; however, if the fee of the next available class of the same subject is higher, the student is responsible for paying the difference. 

The course fee includes tuition and required textbooks.  The cost of the textbook cannot be deducted from the course fee.  Textbooks are distributed once the class has started.  Depending upon the class, there may be additional costs for uniforms, supplies, state/national assessments, background checks, health immunizations, and optional books.  Course offerings and course fees are subject to change without notice. 

Registration and Payment

All students must register in person at the Career & Technical Institute located at 1617 East Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92805 during normal business hours. Registration is ongoing until classes are full.  Students must complete the necessary registration form, sign the “Fee-Based Class Payment and Refund Policy” acknowledgement, and pay the course fee.    

Full payment of the course fee must be made by the deadline indicated on the “Fee-Based Class Payment and Refund Policy” form. Students who pay the course fee in full will be guaranteed a seat as long as the class reaches the minimum paid enrollment and does not exceed the maximum enrollment.  Once a class reaches maximum enrollment, other students who wish to register will be placed on a waiting list and contacted if a seat becomes available.  Open seats are first-come, first-served.

Payment methods accepted are credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or money order.  Cash is only accepted for CPR and Continuing Education Units (CEU) classes. No personal checks, fee waivers, partial payments, or installments. 


Requests for refunds must be made in person during regular business hours.  Refunds are processed and/or mailed within three weeks.  No other refunds will be granted. 

Main Office

ROP Education Center
385 N. Muller Street, Anaheim, CA 92801
(714) 502-5800
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
Monday thru Friday

Adult Registration & Transcripts

ROP Career & Technical Institute
1617 E. Ball Road, Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 502-5950
7:30 am - 8:30 pm
Monday thru Thursday
7:30 am - 4:30 pm